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You've heard of Ruth Reichl and Gael Greene, but what about M.F.K. Fisher, mon ami?

The Gastronomical Me (1943) chronicles her culinary awakening, which occurred when she moved with her first husband to Dijon, France. Fisher writes about love, learning, loss...all while feasting on trauite au bleu, peach pie, bouillabaisse, and, oh yes, her very first oyster. It's chick lit--if chick lit were wonderfully smart, feminist, and, of course, vintage. As someone who makes a living writing about food, I'm truly inspired by her ability to draw so much meaning and substance from that which sustains us.

Exquisite, passionate, poignant, heartbreaking, clever...and yet, still, a quick read. Dig in, and you'll be on the next flight to France, I guarantee.

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