vintage barwear.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's vintage pitcher and glass set from Robert Henry Vintage. And yet I am!

What a find! Visit InnBrooklyn for great shots of RHV -- one of the most de-cluttered vintage shops I've ever come across.


vintage kicks.

Pink, black, pink, black, pink ...

How do I spend my time? Deliberating.

Today, much brain energy went into deciding between these two pairs of
vintage-style heels from Urban Outfitters.

I ended up with the black, but, really, how could I go wrong?

Black, pink, black, pink, black ...


not so vintage prints.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling azul, I'll "decorate" my future apartment -- at least in my mind. And it lifts my spirits.

This Flowers in May "Baking" print (found via Moa Maria) isn't exactly vintage, but it's cheery all the same. It's currently adorning one wall in my future kitchen -- even though the kitchen (and the future) is not yet within my grasp.

Got a problem with that?


polka dot pumps.

Spring is just around the corner, I'm sure of it! (she says in the midst of a fierce winter storm).

And the optimism continues.

Maybe these polka dot pumps are waterproof?

If only...

(1950 Rockabilly Pumps from Vintage Blue Moon.)