vintage teacups.

Please. I want.

(Pile of teacups print by August Wren.)


vintage candles.

I stole this idea from
Brimfield, one of my favorite new(ish) shops in Andersonville: Mismatched vintage glasses as tea light votives.

Shall we dim the lights?

It's so grandma-chic, I just had to share.


vintage pink.

I went vintage shopping with my mom about a month ago, and she bought me this lovely pink glass dish. It's held many precious items since then, including dark chocolate pretzel bark I made for a dinner party this weekend.

Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bark

+3 bars dark chocolate (the best you can afford)
+1.5 cups pretzels, broken in pieces

Melt chocolate over a double broiler. Stir in half of the pretzels. Spread melted chocolate-pretzel mixture on a baking sheet lined with waxed paper. Sprinkle remaining pretzel pieces on top. Refrigerate for 1 hour, or until chocolate has hardened. Break chocolate into pieces and--this is the most important part--display in darling vintage pink candy dish.

Serve to best friends!


vintage new york.

I detest it when things like day jobs get in the way of things I'd
really enjoy--like telling you all about my (well, now, not so) recent trip to New York City! *pouts*

But now that I finally have a chance to breathe in, breathe out, it seems like the perfect opportunity to share a few details (provided you're still interested, of course).

My best gals and I had the loveliest of fall weekends in NYC. We strolled and shopped, nibbled and imbibed, reminisced and giggled. And, even saw a celebrity or four (Vince, Reese, Jake, and Alton!).

The highlight? It's hard to single out just one, but I would have to say that the
vintage cocktail bar crawl my darling friend Kate (of vintage suitcase fame) planned is at the forefront of my memory.

We started the evening at Ward III, where the sweetheart of a bartender asked me for my favorite book (On the Road, of course!) and proceeded to mix me (what he called) an "Autumnal Whiskey Cocktail Worthy of Kerouac." Exquisite.

From there it was on to Warren 77, followed by the briefest of pauses outside Little Branch (okay, there was a line) before we were ushered downstairs. And, while we had the best of intentions to continue on our exploration of vintage-inspired speakeasies...well...the dance floor was calling.

And you know how that goes.

Do you have a favorite vintage-inspired bar in NYC?


and, more vintage suitcases.

I absolutely adore this mini
DIY rolling bar cleverly fashioned from a vintage trunk. It reminds me of my dear friend Kate, who makes up for a tiny apartment with fabulous style and superb organization. In fact, I'd call her design aesthetic "efficient chic."

Readymade has the "how-to".


vintage suitcase.

On the road this week, lovelies. I'm spending the weekend in NYC with my best girls...

On our itinerary:
+A vintage bar crawl through the city (stay tuned)
The High Line
+Brazilian dancing at Bembe
+Recovering at brunch
+More laughing

What's on your itinerary for the weekend?

(Photo by
Karen Mordechai and Sunday Suppers)


vintage kitchen.

What's the perfect present for a lover of food and all things vintage? This darling print by Colliebox to hang in a sunny kitchen!

Oh, look! It comes in blue, too!

If only someone had a birthday coming up...


vintage wedding.

I want to get married again! I'd keep my same partner, of course! But my "something borrowed" would be this lovely vintage-inspired theme, as seen on My Sweet & Saucy.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, my dears. You must absolutely check out My Sweet & Saucy for more shots of vintage wedded bliss


sewing machine.

There's nothing more conflicting than a great estate sale.

On the one hand, I'm deliciously happy--excited about what I'm might find. On the other, I'm deeply saddened because (usually) someone's passing is the reason for the event.

Take, for example, the most recent estate sale I attended where I came into possession of this
1950s Singer Sewing Machine for exactly $3. (Yes, you read it correctly: $3.) I knew in my heart of hearts that, surely, it was worth more. But the women in charge of the event were determined to be rid of their mother's clunky item. "Take it!" they assured me. "It works!" (As if the machine's functionality was the sole reason for my hesitation.)

And so I lugged it home, only to find when I arrived and typed "185J" into Google, that the actual value of this avocado beauty is somewhere in the realm of $500.

Be still my guilty conscience!

I just hope its previous owner knows I will give it a good home!


french. vintage.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling stale and looking for inspiration, I'll enter "French" and "Vintage" into Etsy's search box. Let's see what turns up today, shall we, ma cherie?

I would wear this 1950s French ladies dress from Revival House to a French garden tea party.

I would stroll through the streets of Dijon with this French-made pocketbook from Persephone Vintage on my arm.

Je t'amie this French Vintage Coffee Grinder from Tent Pitcher.

And, finally, these French Canisters from Lionfish53 look like something Julia Child would have in her French Country kitchen.

So very vintage. So very French.


road trip.

Do you ever feel the need to get away from it all?

...Favorite book about road trips:
On the Road (of course!), by Jack Kerouac.

...Favorite song about road trips: "Fast Car," by Tracy Chapman.

...Favorite road trip photographer:
Jen Zahigian.

Escape with me...


vintage book club.

You've heard of Ruth Reichl and Gael Greene, but what about M.F.K. Fisher, mon ami?

The Gastronomical Me (1943) chronicles her culinary awakening, which occurred when she moved with her first husband to Dijon, France. Fisher writes about love, learning, loss...all while feasting on trauite au bleu, peach pie, bouillabaisse, and, oh yes, her very first oyster. It's chick lit--if chick lit were wonderfully smart, feminist, and, of course, vintage. As someone who makes a living writing about food, I'm truly inspired by her ability to draw so much meaning and substance from that which sustains us.

Exquisite, passionate, poignant, heartbreaking, clever...and yet, still, a quick read. Dig in, and you'll be on the next flight to France, I guarantee.


le grand amour.

Would my true love and I fit in this 19th century French folding daybed?

French Iron Folding Daybed from 1stdibs (found via Design*Sponge)

I guess we'd have to make room. *Giggle.*



I would never condone using disposable napkins, but I would absolutely condone this vintage chrome napkin dispenser from at home with henry vintage.

I'll take it with some chicks on a raft with blowout patches, Waitress! (That's diner speak for "eggs on toast with pancakes.")


little black dress.

When they say every gal should have a little black dress, what they mean is: every gal should have a 1950's vintage little black dress like these from 13bees.

The Secret Six Dress.

The Gilded Lily Dress.

First Love Dress.

My heart is going pitter-patter for the first. Hint, hint!



Afraid to wear vintage? Fear not, lovelies. Incorporating vintage into your wardrobe is easier than you might think. Much will be said on this topic in future posts...to begin, however, let's look at a few modern pieces that are "vintage-inspired."

Oh, gorgeous Water & Roses Dress from Anthropologie with the flowing 1970's-style waterfall sleeves, I've got my eye on you.
In fact, I know just the necklace I'd wear with you...

Rachel Leigh Bib Necklace from ShopBop.
And last, but certain not least, we need some shoes...

Hello, Deena & Ozzy Patent Oxford Wedges from Urban Outfitters. Done and done!

See, not so scary! Isn't wearing vintage (inspirations) easier than you thought?