sewing machine.

There's nothing more conflicting than a great estate sale.

On the one hand, I'm deliciously happy--excited about what I'm might find. On the other, I'm deeply saddened because (usually) someone's passing is the reason for the event.

Take, for example, the most recent estate sale I attended where I came into possession of this
1950s Singer Sewing Machine for exactly $3. (Yes, you read it correctly: $3.) I knew in my heart of hearts that, surely, it was worth more. But the women in charge of the event were determined to be rid of their mother's clunky item. "Take it!" they assured me. "It works!" (As if the machine's functionality was the sole reason for my hesitation.)

And so I lugged it home, only to find when I arrived and typed "185J" into Google, that the actual value of this avocado beauty is somewhere in the realm of $500.

Be still my guilty conscience!

I just hope its previous owner knows I will give it a good home!


  1. What a deeply amazing find! Your sweet-natured soul is so commendable, but try not to feel bad, honey, think about the fact that you may have saved this stunning sewing machine from meeting its end in a dumpster somewhere.

    ♥ Jessica